Purdy’s Easter Fundraiser

Hello everyone,

We have a new fundraising program to help raise funds for our new facility and at the same time earn family commitment points (25% of the purchased item).

Easter Fundraising Program is fundraising with Purdy’s Chocolatier, just in time for Easter!

If you’d like to support us through purchasing some very sweet Easter gifts for friends, family and yourself, please click the link below:


After you’ve signed in you can buy our amazing chocolates or invite others to join and support our Fundraising Campaign.

Here are the instructions to make a purchase:

1.  Click the link above and write down your email address and the password and it will direct you to Surrey Gymnastic Society account.

2. After you are signed in, click SHOP ONLINE at the top of the screen to add orders to our group account.

3. Put the quantity on the box provided for the item you are purchasing.


5.  Enter your credit card information and SUBMIT.