Note from Eleanor and George Lenz

The following note was sent to SGS from Eleanor and George Lenz, parents of Carol Lenz for whom our Carol Lenz Memorial Competition is named.  Eleanor and George come to the Invitational every year to see old friends and watch the competition.  They are pictured here with Marilyn and Neil Laughlin who are also very long time friends of SGS.  Our gym is named for Marilyn as she worked here for many years (had an athlete here) and she and Neil were very much involved in the building of this facility.  It is always wonderful to see these two couples!

Hello to you all.

So nice to see you on Saturday and be present at the Competition.  It is so nice that we are always included in this wonderful event to remember Carol.

I was so impressed as I watched the young girls compete on all events, but especially on floor.  The music and choreography this year was so nice to watch.  I could see that the girls also enjoyed the music and their routines.

It appears as though this is the largest meet so far, with over 900 gymnasts, judges, and coaches attending.
Wouldn’t it be wonderful if  someone donated funds for a large Gymnastics Facility.

The Surrey Gym Club can be so proud of how much they have grown over these past 40 years.  George and I  wish you success for the next 40 years.

Good job to you all.
Eleanor and George Lenz