Covid-19 Regulation Reminder!

Dear SGS families,

Happy Spring! We hope you’re doing well during this time. As we are sure you well know, the Covid-19 situation in British Columbia is continuing with ferocity. At this time, with the increased restrictions implemented by Dr. Bonnie Henry and the Provincial Health Office, we are currently able to continue running our programs for our gymnasts. We would like to take this time to clarify certain protocols and declare our recommitment to the ongoing requirements and safety measures we have in place:

•Masks are to be worn at all times; the only exception is when an athlete is performing a skill or routine. The mask should be replaced after the turn is completed. If you know that your child has the tendency to remove their mask –they could wear a “buff” or “neck gaiter” to prevent them from discarding their masks around the gym. During structured break times, masks may be removed for eating as long as physical distance is maintained.

•Athletes, even those in the same group, must maintain physical distancing at all times. The current required distance is 3 metres. There should be absolutely no sharing of non-essential items such as spray bottles, balls, toys, etc. Additionally, there should be absolutely no physical contact between gymnasts.

•According to Gymnastics BC’s Return to Sport plan, spotting is not currently allowed. The only exception is when an athlete’s safety is at risk. Coaches are to continue to refrain from spotting. Equipment will continue to be disinfected regularly, hand washing with soap and water will be encouraged frequently, and the gym will be fogged in between groups utilizing the facility. Please ensure that the daily health assessment is completed prior to your child entering the gym and do not send your child to the gym if they are feeling unwell.

We appreciate your assistance in encouraging your child(ren) to be as safe as possible in the gym. British Columbia has reported more than 1000 cases in a day for the first time since the pandemic began last year –that alone is reminder enough to remain vigilant so that our community can stay safe. If your child notices safety measures being disregarded, we encourage you to bring these situations to our attention so that we can correct any missteps.