A message from the president

Dearest Membership and SGS Staff,

Congratulations, what a magical weekend! The invitational was an incredible success, and it truly felt like our membership was a community this weekend. The atmosphere was very positive, with smiles everywhere, and many of you offering to do more than your requirements. This extraordinary display of teamwork made work much lighter for all, and I hope you all felt welcomed and appreciated for your efforts, because you were. It was a record 1.5 hours to tear down the gym. That is amazing!

I want to let you all know that there were many comments from parents, coaches, vendors, Guildford Rec Center staff, and judges about how this was the best, or one of the best invitationals so far, for various reasons, and we all did this together as an SGS family. Thank you to all of you, on behalf of the SGS board, for your contributions, efforts, and positivity. Thank you to those who went above and beyond, some staying the entire weekend, which worked out to almost 50 hours. Thank you to all the staff for all your hard work. Your expertise allowed for this weekend to run smoothly. Thank you to Jocelyn for working so hard to pull together so much sponsorship, and always keeping everyone’s wellbeing in mind. Finally, thank you to all the members who took on leadership roles. Without your extra time and efforts leading up to the event there would be no way we could have pulled this off so beautifully. I hope that you are willing to step up again next year, to continue this wonderful SGS legacy.

On another note, a big congratulations to all of our athletes (your talented children) for their hard work and dedication. SGS really shined again this weekend. Hard work from our amazing coaches and fabulous athletes really paid off. Our club had amazing performances by all with all-around wins and medals for both boys and girls in many categories.

Now, please relax and enjoy your time, and feel proud about what we have all achieved.

Yours Truly,

Sandra Piliotis
(SGS President)